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Shiny's Makeover Images, 10, Park Road, Gorakhpur - Beauty Parlour in Gorakhpur - Fitness And Beauty in Gorakhpur

Shiny's Makeover

Fitness And Beauty > Beauty Parlour in Gorakhpur
Near Bhagawti Vastaraly, City Mall Road, 10, Park Road, Gorakhpur - 273001
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Shiny's Makeover Images, 10, Park Road, Gorakhpur - Beauty Parlour in Gorakhpur - Fitness And Beauty in Gorakhpur
Shiny Agarwal

About Us

Shinys Makeover ist best unisex salon ,unisex Parlor, Makeup Studio, Makeup Academy,Mens Parlor, Womens Parlor in Gorakhpur.

Shiny as name itself give the message to the world that Shine comes from moon that makes darken people to glow, as shiny makes the women's shine on their normal days and shine glorious on there's precious day's. Shiny Agarwal started her vision in the field of beauty since her childhood because Shiny's mother is a well known beautician. That's why Shiny feels the beauty from her pure heart and hungery to do in the field of beauty on her own shoulders. Time passes, as shiny grew and got married, in between she started looking and following beautiful ladies who are working in the field of beauty and fashion.

At Elle, we offer a complete range of beauty services to fit your needs. From hair styling, to facial skin care, body massage, manicures, pedicures and more, we are your all-in-one resource for a beautiful new you so come and experience it today! Here is a detailed list of our services and pricing. Prices are subject to change.







·         Facial (03+/Gold)               Rs. 3000
·         Face Bleach                       Rs. 350
·         Body Bleach                       Rs. 1800
·         Body Wax                           Rs. 1000
·         B. Wax                                Rs. 550
·         Body Polishing                    Rs. 3500
·         Manicure                             Rs. 300
·         Pedicure                              Rs. 400
·         Hair SPA                             Rs. 1000
·         TOTAL                     Rs. 11900
·         Special Price         Rs. 9000


·         Facial (Casmara/Diamond)         Rs. 3500
·         Face Bleach                                Rs. 350
·         Body Bleach                               Rs. 1800
·         Body Wax                                   Rs. 2000
·         B. Wax                                        Rs.550
·         Body Polishing                            Rs. 3500
·         Manicure (Special)                      Rs. 1200
·         Pedicure (Special)                      Rs. 1200
·         Hair SPA (Treatment)                 Rs. 1500
·       TOTAl                       Rs.15600
·       SpecialPrice          Rs.12500











·         Facial (Bridal Radiance)                Rs. 4500
·         Face Bleach                                   Rs. 350
·         Body Bleach                                   Rs. 2000
·         Body Wax                                         Rs. 2000
·         B. Wax                                                   Rs. 550
·         Body Polishing (Exclusive)            Rs. 3500
·         Manicure with Nailart                    Rs. 1600
·         Pedicure with Nailart                     Rs. 1600
·         Hair SPA (Treatment)                   Rs. 2500
·         TOTAL                     Rs.18600
·         Special Price           Rs. 15000


·         Two Facial 03/Premium            2 Settings
·         Two Facial 03/Lotus                  2 Settings
·         Face Bleach                              2 Settings
·         Body Bleach                              1 Settings
·         Rica Waxing Full Body              1 Settings
·         Manicure                                    2 Settings
·         Pedicure                                     2 Settings
·         Body Polishing                            2 Settings
·         Hair Cut                                      1 Settings
·         Special Price             Rs. 22000



Treat yourself to a facial or celebrating a special occasion, aromatherapy, our beauty and skin care services will suit every beauty need.

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